Please take time to read Frequently Ask Questions. Feel free get in touch with us if you need further assistance.

•From the moment you place your order, there are two steps that commence:

Processing time: Depending on the individual design of the order, processing time may vary from 2-5 business days after an order has been placed. The manufacturer and postal service process the orders may take additional 1-2 days.

Shipping time: Standard shipping is approximately 2-14 business days (Continental U.S.) depending on locations (International shipping will vary). If you would like an expedited shipping quote, please contact us. 

If 30 days have passed and your order hasn't yet arrived, please contact us and we'll look into it immediately.

By default, the last used shipping address will be saved into to your store account. When you are checking out your order, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it if you need to.

Orders may only be canceled within 10 minutes of purchase before they are processed. Your pending purchase will be refunded to the payment method you used. Cancellations after processing will NOT be accepted.

**We do Not accept refund and returns based on any personal and preference reasons.**

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email or text message with the tracking number. You can also check the shipment status by entering your tracking number on the TRACK YOUR ORDER page. 

PayPal is the easiest way to make payments online. While checking out your order, you will be redirected to the Paypal website. Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing. After a successful Paypal payment, a payment advice will be automatically generated to Samplestore.com system for your order. It's fast, easy & secure.

•For domestic shipments, all orders are shipped with USPS, UPS and FedEX.

•For International shipments, all order are shipping with FedEx and DHL.

Depending on your order, your order could be shipped from multiple fulfillment centers around the world (USA, Canada, China, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand), while custom orders will be shipped from the United States. If you ordered multiple items please note that they may arrive separately.

• Please check with family members or neighbors to see if they have received it on your behalf. The package may also be left with property managers or an apartment office. You can also contact your postal service to discuss the issue and file a claim with them.

• A delivery that is marked as delivered but never received is often due to incorrect shipping information or a customs hold. Contact your local courier service to determine the cause before the item gets returned, which may incur an additional charge on you for return shipping.

• We are not responsible for any refunds or reimbursements due to any missing, lost, or misplaced packages made by local courier services during the transition.

• If you are unable to locate your package, please contact support@wallartfantasy.com. We will do our best to resolve any concerns you may have regarding your order.

We accept all kinds of credit, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal and many other payment methods. All credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorization by both us and the card issuer, to maintain security and prevent fraud.

•Your payment method may be rejected due to some of the following reasons:

‣The card may have expired. Please check expiration date on your credit card to see if it is still valid.

‣You may have reached your credit limit.

‣You may have entered incorrect card information. Be sure to fill in the correct billing address and cardholder information.

Yes! PayPal can be used for international transactions and is available in over 200 countries, giving individuals the option to make cross-border payments and transfers via the app or website at PayPal.com. However, the process differs slightly depending on whether or not both the sender and recipient have a PayPal account.

Yes! It is commonly misunderstood that a Paypal account is needed in order to make payments through Paypal. The truth is you DO NOT need one, although we strongly recommend you sign up to enjoy the added ease of use. Without a Paypal account, all you need is any Debit/Credit card stated below that is supported by Paypal. By using Paypal, we can process & deliver your orders to you in a shorter time. Paypal is the easiest & most secure way to make payment online. No account needed. For more details, click here to see how Paypal works for you.

•Custom duties are NOT included in the product price and it is the buyer’s responsibility as we only handle shipping.

•Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import taxes, fees, and customs duties (hereafter, "Import Fees"), levied by the customs office of your shipping destination. Import Fees vary according to the customs regulations of the destination country. Components that play a role in Import Fee calculations are (among others):

‣Product category and price

‣Shipping costs and package weight

‣Customs clearance channel

‣Import taxes based on custom duty amounts.

Wall Art Fantasy uses SSL (secure socket layer) security and certified secure by TrustedSite to ensure that all of your data is encrypted and kept safe at all times. We take security very seriously, and we guarantee that ordering from our website is 100% safe and secure.